Imatge Capcelera Acousthink


Modal problems in nonrectangular rooms_


The acoustic behavior of the low frecuency of a rectangular enclosure, is very simple using the Rayleigh formula: fk,m,n = 172,5 . √((k/Lx)2+(m/Ly)2+(n/Lz)2) where Lx, Ly and Lz represent the... [+]

Sound decay in acoustically coupled spaces_


A case of particular interest in the study of architectural acoustics is coupled spaces. A coupled space can be defined as a main volume connected through one or more openings to a second space with... [+]

MLS principle_


The acoustical parameters of a linear system (such as rooms), can be derived from the impulse response h(t) between an emitter and a receiver. To get this response, different kinds of excitations have... [+]