Imatge Capcelera Acousthink

Home Cinema A _

"The first time we saw the space we knew this wasn’t meant to be a conventional room. The result? The unparalleled audiovisual experience of the best high-end installation"

Stereo System (2.2):
CD player YBA Integre
YBA2 Preamplifier
YBA2 Amplifier
TacT 2.2xp Equalizer
JM Reynaud Offrande speakers
JL Audio F113 (x2) subwoofers

Home Cinema (5.2):
AV Onkyo TX-N906 receiver
Phonar M3 front speakers
Phonar C3 center speaker
Axiom QS8 surround speakers
JL Audio F113 (x2) subwoofer
Multimedia player Xtreamer
TV Samsung PS58B850
Elite Screens Osprey 115"
Pioneer KRF-9000 projector
Relax Love seats

Home Cinema A

The first time we saw the space where we wanted to build this theater, we knew that this wasn’t a conventional room. We wanted to give the space the versatility it was offering:  it had to be a home theater, but among other things, we could not miss the huge amount of natural light that flooded the stay through the rear window and skylights. The result? The unparalleled audiovisual experience of the best high-end installation, high in the nth power.

The home cinema has a great sound insulation because of the high sound pressure planed to be in the room, thanks largely to the contribution of the two subwoofers JL Audio F113 (2500 watts RMS short-term, per unit) that are part of the audio system. The room has two R'w = 56dBA acoustic doors, multiple layers of various compositions of laminated glass for the rear window and the skylights, and a concept “box in a box" taken to the limit, even strengthened some of the existing walls to ensure optimal performance of all households. The air conditioning and ventilation system are designed to ensure a minimum air speed and especially inaudible, even in the "pianissimo" part of a classical music piece, always ensuring a continuous renewed and filtered air.

The acoustic treatment was designed to be controlled for when living space, allowing maximizing the surround experience of a movie through the diffuse sound field created in the back room area, keeping control of the standing waves and the early reflections. The front wall was designed as a massive bass trap, hiding the front speakers and the subwoofers, providing a total integration of all systems, which coupled with the fabric finish, gives the home theater a look of elegance and excellence.

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