Why acousthink?

  • From the basic project to the final certification

    Going through the design and development of the technical project, measurements, bidding and construction

  • 20 years of experience

    We specialize in the field of acoustics and audiovisual systems and our experience focuses on the different phases of Broadcast projects such as design, consulting and recording studios.

  • Acoustic simulation, modeling and auralization

    The most advanced acoustic analysis and prediction programs in the sector, which allow us to model and study the behavior of sound in any room during the iterative acoustic design process



Acoustic engineering services

Acousthink is a company specialized in the field of acoustics and audiovisual systems, offering you acoustic  engineering and consulting services in areas such as architectural acoustics, acoustic insulation, compliance with the CTE DB-HR, legalization and licensing of activities, audiovisual systems, solutions for noise and vibration control in ventilation and air conditioning systems, etc.

Long experience in the design and realization of audiovisual installations such as recording rooms, control rooms, dubbing studios, rehearsal rooms, radio announcers, television sets, theaters, among others, endorses our work.