Higain Studios

A professional facility that features a delicate selection of analogue devices, a large recording room, a bright sound control and a rest area.

Located in an idyllic environment, with a privileged view over the town of Usurbil, and just 10 minutes from Donosti, we find the Higain recording studio. A professional facility that has a delicate selection of analogue devices, a large recording room, a bright sound control and a rest area for the artists.

The recording room, with an approximate volume of 180m3 and natural light entering through a window on each side of the room, has been conceived and designed to be a multipurpose space, allowing everything from the recording of voices to an entire band of rock. The room has several strategically placed MLS reflectors and diffusers, which together with the diffuser ceiling, allow you to enjoy a space with a very natural diffuse reverberant field, which translates into lively and controlled acoustics that add depth to any recording. For recording instruments where a more neutral space is required, Higain studios also have a series of mobile absorbing modules that add versatility to the environment.

The sound control also has two large windows, which flood the room with natural light throughout the day, making the work environment a pleasant and warm place. Using a viewfinder angled in plan, from the technician’s point of view, there is a practically complete view of the entire recording room. The back of the control incorporates a high-frequency QRD diffuser nested in another medium-frequency QRD, obtaining an operating range that starts above 200Hz. The room has a 2.1 listening system using a Genelec 1031 + Sub 7070 system, which has allowed us to obtain a very linear frequency response throughout the spectrum.



Protools HD3 + ProControl
Conversors Apogee AD16 i DA16
Suma analògica SPL MixDream

Genelec 1031
Genelec Sub 7070

Focusrite ISA 428
Focusrite ISA 110
Neve 33609JD Stereo Compressor
UA 1176
Cranesong IBIS Stereo EQ
Previs Avedis E27