Mobile acoustic panels / Gobos

Modular system of customizable mobile acoustic panels

Given the constant demand for acoustic dividing elements for recording/rehearsal rooms, a modular system of absorbent, diffuser and reflective panels is developed, completely customizable according to the project and the client’s needs, allowing a wide variety of configurations. Due to their mass, the panels provide very useful sound separation for multi-instrumental recordings and their acoustic coatings allow the nearby sound field to be modified.

The system consists of a base of size 1200x1200x250 mm that can be mounted directly on the floor or on a support with wheels that can be moved along the axis of the panel as required. The bases, in the same way as the upper pieces, can be absorbers, resonators, diffusers (HF or MF), reflectors or any combination of the above, depending on the need. The top panels with a size of 1200x600x250 mm can incorporate a viewer and can also be used as a base if required. The panels have a wide variety of fabric and wood finishes.

The panels in the images above were built for the RedBull NewYork and RedBull Copenhagen studios, where the QRD dream wooden diffusers with a design frequency of 4.5KHz.