R5 Studios

Recording studio / Rehearsal rooms

The R5 studios (Pamplona) are part of a musical complex made up of 12 rehearsal rooms and a 60m2 recording studio, composed of an LEDE-type control room, and a multipurpose recording room that allows the recording of entire bands.

The control room, with an approximate area of 30m2, incorporates a large side viewer to have a total view of the recording room, and facilitate visual communication between the producer and the musicians. The room has an SSL900 and a ProTools HD3 system, which allows the mixes made to be added in analogue. The rest of the equipment is also a delicate selection of high-end devices (Apogee AD16/DA16 converters, Avalon compressors, Manley compressors, TC Electronics 6000 system,…).

The recording room is treated in an absorbent manner to leave a neutral recording environment. To add vibrancy, some reflectors/diffusers are installed in the final area of the room and hung from the ceiling, which are very useful for recording acoustic drums.


Protools HD3
Conversors Apogee AD16 i DA16
Taula analògica SSL AWS 900

Genelec 1031 / Yamaha NS10

Sistema TC Electronics 6000
Compressors Manley
Compressors Avalon