Red Bull Studio Berlin

Professional recording studio located in a former 1920s power station within Berlin’s central Kreuzberg district

The Red Bull Berlin recording studio is located in the central district of Kreuzberg, inside an old electricity station dating back to 1920. It is a professional facility in an open space encapsulated within a volume 7.5 meters high finished when cooking with views of the canal. The recording studio has been designed by Acousthink and the copper volume and interior design has been designed by LA-based company Optimist Design.

The control room, with a size of 40m2, has ATC SCM200ASL listening amplified with Bryston stages, an SSL 4048 G/G+ console and a selection of the best outboard available. From the mixing point you have a total view of the recording room, the vocal and drum rooms, the entrance to the lounge and the mezzanine. The recording room, with an interior height of up to 5 meters, is a living space with a very diffuse reverberant field and a lot of character thanks to the diffusers / resonators and the shapes generated by the exterior volume. The drum room and the vocal room can be completely opened using folding acoustic doors so that you can have a room of 60m2. The studio also has a set of mobile balloons supplied by Acousthink that allow many possibilities in recording as needed. Studio B located under the mezzanine is the piece that has just formed the complex.


SSL 4048 G/G+
Burl B2 Bomber ADC

ATC 200A SL Pro + ATC P4, Bryston 4B
Amphion One18 with Bryston 4B
Aviom Cue Headphone System

Neve 1084 x 2 / API 512c x 8
Great River MP-500NV x 4
Lorenz V241 Vintage Tube Pre &DI
API 550A x 4 / Warm Audio EQP-WA
Manley Massive Passive
Bettermaker EQ 232P MkII
Urei 1176 / Retro Sta Level
Tube Tech CL1B / API 2500 Stereo Compressor
Al.SO Dynax2 / Emprical Labs Distressor
Dbx 160x / Cranesong STC 8
Eventide H3000 / Bricasti System 1
TC 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay
Roland Space Echo / Lexcicon PCM 70
Ursa Major Space Station 282

FKJ & Tom Misch – Losing My Way