Red Bull Studio São Paulo

Professional facilities, unique in the country, that are part of the Red Hierve Station located in an old electrical station in the center of São Paulo.

The Red Hierve Station is located at the old Riachuelo substation built in 1926, of which the façade has been restored and the 2150m2 space has been redistributed to accommodate a professional recording studio, art exhibitions, concerts, workshops and other proposals cultural.

The recording studio occupies an area of 140 square meters and is enclosed in a sculptural concrete structure that visually breaks with the structure of the old building. Inside this shell, we find a sound control, a main recording room and two recording booths for voices and drums, with the possibility of completely opening the space thanks to the folded doors and obtaining a much larger recording space.

The sound control incorporates an ATC SCM200 ASL main listening system with a pair of sub-records customized by ATC with an 18” each, providing perfect response and an impressive sound experience at the time. The console is a 40-channel SSL 4040G+, which together with the outboard rack forms a top-level analog configuration.


Consola SSL 4040G+
Conversors A/D-D/A Avid PT HD
Apogee Symphony64 Card

Custom 18” ATC Subwoofers
Yamaha NS-10

Lexicon PCM70 Reverb
Bricasti M7 Stereo Reverb Processor
Retro Instruments 176 Compressor
DBX 160 X Compressor
Distressor EL8
Urei 1176D
API 512 Microphone Preamps
Neve 1084
Great River MP-500NV
GML 8304
Eventide H3000