Sound Laboratory

The Audiovisual Laboratory of Zaragoza is one focused on production aimed at supporting and disseminating creation projects related to technology.

The Audiovisual Laboratory of the Zaragoza city council is installed in the History Center. More than 300 square meters occupy the recording room for instrumental groups and video filming set, the recording room for solo instruments, a main sound control and one for video post-production and 5.1 mixing, an auxiliary control to facilitate digitization and exchange of audio and video formats and a classroom equipped with audiovisual and computer material with capacity for 50 people.

The main objective of the Audiovisual Laboratory is to make available to the young creators of this city the appropriate work environment for the development of their projects. The fact that it is produced directly ensures the profitability of the intervention and the quality of the final product is guaranteed. Furthermore, the result of all this work, in the long term, is the recruitment, archiving and dissemination of a large part of the interdisciplinary artists who exist in Zaragoza, and who have their own work material.

This municipal equipment combines its task of producing audiovisual works with cultural and educational activities. In this way, active participation is encouraged, or at least, information about the audiovisual production processes.


Control A: Yamaha DM2000 + Protools HD3
Control B: Roland VM-C7200
Lexicon 960L

Control A: 5.1 Genelec 1037Stereo Klein&Hummel O300
Control B: 5.1 Genelec 8050A + Sub 7070A

Focusrite ISA 110
Avalon 737
Eventide H3000