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Takemaker has newly built 500 m² facilities prepared for any audiovisual post-production project. The rooms have been designed for optimal sound recording and reproduction, and also for maximum comfort in the daily work of actors and technicians.

Among other features, the rooms have the most advanced ventilation/air conditioning systems, to ensure a constant supply in any work environment (even in fooley). Likewise, the dimming of the rooms has been designed using linear systems to avoid electrical spurs (intermodulation products, etc., which are added to the electrical network) or the annoying vibration of the lamps introduced by non-linear dimming systems. commercial.

The studio has a system that allows recording to be centralized on a central server that is in turn connected in all rooms, offering the most advanced technology together with the ability to send audio and digital image over the network (connection via FTP), allowing work at the highest level of flexibility and interconnectivity in terms of facilities, materials and processes.


Sound services
Recording of voiceovers and audio guides
Video game recording
Recording of TV spots and radio spots
Recording room effects
sound montage
Stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 mixes
Conversion of formed
Dubbing for TV, DVD, Internet, Cinema

Imaging services
Subtitled for DVD, Internet and TV
Conversion of systems and formations
Digital Image Restoration
Authorships on DVD
Authorships on Blu Ray Scenarist BD
DCP- Digital Cine Print
Transcriptions and copies in all forms

Existing equipment per room
Neumann U87 Microphones
Focusrite Red 7 mic preamps
Apogee A/D-D/A Converters
Genelec Monitors
DAW Protools and Nuendo

Takemaker s.l.
C/Petrarca, 28
08031, Barcelona
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+34 931 128 207