Zaragoza Art and Technology Center [eTopia]

A new generation equipment designed to house and promote the most innovative creative and entrepreneurial projects within the Digital Mile space.

The Zaragoza Art and Technology Center (Etopia) is an initiative of the Zaragoza City Council, with the support of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce through the Avanza Plan, to develop a new type of public equipment adapted to the objectives of the project. of the Digital Mile: an urban space designed to encourage innovative and creative activities in the more than 100 hectares recovered by the city around the high-speed train station (Zaragoza Delicias). Among the main elements that make up Etopia, Acousthink was part of the design and construction stage of the amphitheater and the MediaLabs (audiovisual laboratories).

The amphitheater has a capacity of 224 people and is specially designed as a conference room, projection room, multipurpose classroom, and many other uses, thanks to its acoustics with elements such as MLS diffusers of various sizes and operating frequencies in the clouds of the ceiling, and thanks to equipment such as translation or projection rooms. The MediaLabs have been built entirely while waiting to equip the spaces and finish their acoustic conditioning. It will be a recording studio with an area of 400m2, with several sound controls and recording rooms, some of them with ceilings up to 9 meters high and volumes of 10,000m3.