Acoustic design and consulting

We have more than 20 years of experience in providing engineering and acoustic consulting services. From one-off advice to turnkey projects, at Acousthink we offer flexible consulting services, adapted to the specific needs of each project.

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Acoustic consulting services

Acoustic insulation

Analysis of noise transmission and definition of constructive solutions to comply with local regulations and requirements of each project.

Acoustics of interior spaces

Room acoustics comprise a series of techniques and materials used to control the loudness of a given space. Acoustic conditioning is essential in a variety of environments, including recording studios, concert halls, theaters, conference rooms and offices. Some elements that can commonly be used as acoustic conditioning are textile phono-absorbing panels, slotted or perforated wood panels, acoustic diffusers, diaphragmatic low-frequency absorbers, …

In offices for example, excessive reverberation time can cause poor speech intelligibility, high background noise, reduced privacy/confidentiality and consequently translate into poor concentration and limited comfort.

With the increase in teleworking, it is common to find hybrid teams of people working face-to-face and remotely, who have the need to be constantly together and which in offices causes concentration problems and discomfort. For this reason, more and more offices are being adapted to incorporate small “phone booths” that facilitate these tasks. At Acousthink we are specialists in the design and construction of all types of meeting rooms for one to multiple people, optimally integrating interior acoustics, acoustic insulation, ventilation and air conditioning, the audiovisual system and the reservation system halls