Building, industry and environment

The current concern for the protection of the environment is manifested in the fight against environmental noise, by the attention shown by the governments of developed countries promoting rules that try to limit the noise pollution of cities, to provide greater protection to the citizens. At Acousthink we carry out environmental noise and acoustic impact studies, and provide support for environmental licensing and DB HR compliance projects.

Some of our services in these fields include:

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Building, industrial and environmental services

Industry and environment

Acousthink offers a wide variety of engineering and consulting services in this sector, such as the design and calculation of acoustic enclosures, acoustic silencers for ventilation and air conditioning systems, encapsulation of machinery, absorbent treatments, insulation of structures, creation of three-dimensional models and characterization of noise sources, prediction of the sound impact generated by a noise source, …

Acoustic impact projects and activity licenses

The development of a new activity that has an environmental impact requires the presentation of an acoustic impact project. At Acousthink we draft acoustic impact studies by assessing the acoustic capacity of the territory, acoustically analyzing the activity and proposing corrective measures, to ensure compliance with the corresponding noise and vibration ordinances.

Compliance with the Technical Building Code. Noise protection DB-HR

The entry into force of the new CTE meant a significant change in the acoustic conditions of buildings, improving the acoustic requirements of the previous legislation and guaranteeing better acoustic comfort for people. At Acousthink we offer you our services to guarantee compliance with the CTE DB-HR through a first project phase where the constructive solutions must be designed and dimensioned, a second construction phase through execution control and a final phase of verification through “in situ” measurements of the building’s acoustic conditions.