Design of recording and broadcasting studios

We have more than 20 years of experience designing and building recording and broadcasting studios. From one-off advice to turnkey projects, at Acousthink we offer flexible consulting services, adapted to the specific needs of each project.

Our services include:

Muebles para estudios de grabación

Recording and broadcasting studio services

Consulting and acoustic design

Acousthink has more than 20 years of experience in providing design services and acoustic consulting in recording studios and broadcasting projects, supporting in the various phases that these types of projects can have: conceptualization, economic estimation, design acoustic, acoustic impact project, construction details, building permits, bidding, measurements, coordination and planning, implementation and construction, work monitoring and quality control, measurements and final certification.

The acoustic specifications we deliver for projects are based on simulations of acoustic models built using 3D acoustic software, which use various technologies such as acoustic insulation prediction, Raytrace for room interior acoustic parameters or the Boundary Element Method for analysis in low frequency Thanks to the auralization of these acoustic models, we can deliver audio simulations that facilitate decisions based on auditory impact.

For optimal internal acoustics in critical listening rooms, we implement LEDE, RFZ or other designs, to be defined according to the needs of the project. It is necessary to ensure a good geometry to mitigate standing wave problems, which in the case of non-rectangular rooms will need to be analyzed with BEM tools, but it is also necessary to ensure room symmetry and a balanced energy balance throughout the spectrum so it is necessary correctly specify the linings of the space.

Electroacoustics and audiovisual equipment

At Acousthink we help you select the most suitable electroacoustic system for your project, as well as its installation and adjustment, to achieve the sound quality objectives established in the project with parameters such as loudness, frequency response, coverage, the directivity or intelligibility of the STI word.

We also offer design services for electroacoustic alarm/emergency systems (Public Address and Voice Alarm) for public facilities where the main requirements are intelligibility, equipment certification, redundancy and reliability, and where compliance with standards such as UNE-EN 50849:2017 is increasingly being adopted by different national regulations or international sports bodies outside the European Union.

At Acousthink we can also take care of the design of the technical furniture, both to guarantee a perfect integration of all the equipment and to optimize the listening conditions.