Red Bull Music Academy New York

Red Hierve Studios offers a creative network of recording studios with world-class equipment and facilities for artists around the world.

Located in the heart of Chelsea, the Red Hierve New York recording studio is a professional facility that was built to host the 2013 edition of the Red Hierve Music Academy in New York and continues its course as one of the studios from the Red Hierve Studios network.

With an area of 210 square meters, the recording studio is made up of a main sound control, a recording room with a drum room, a vocal room and an amplifier room (all of them visually connected) and a rehearsal room that can be used as secondary control for recording or editing/post-production.

Sound control is equipped with an Augspurger GA-215HS-A3 main monitoring system and an 80-channel SSL J9080 console along with a powerful outboard rack. A secluded area at the back of the room will allow the musicians to relax and not distract the technician too much.

The main recording room has a panoramic view of all the sub-rooms that comprise it and maintains a complete view of the control room through a large acoustic viewer. The drum room incorporates the famous “drumbrella”, an absorbing cloud that allows the acoustics in the room to be varied. The recording area incorporates several acoustic gobos designed to be able to record simultaneously in all spaces.


SSL J9080
Apogee AD-16X / DA-16X

Augspurger GA-215HS-A3
Proac Studio 100
Yamaha NS-10

Bricasti M7 Stereo Reverb Processors
API 512 Microphone Preamps
Mu-tron BI PHASE
Universal Audio LA-610
Universal Audio LA-2A
Universal Audio 1176LN BlackFace
Distressor EL8
Eventide H3000
Neve 1037
Focusrite ISA 110